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Dita Eyewear

Torus // Black - Crystal Clear - White Gold

Torus // Black - Crystal Clear - White Gold

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Exceptional materials and groundbreaking technology converge in TORUS, a sleek acetate round frame inspired by the strength and beauty of Japanese arts and crafts.

The circle is revered as a symbol of harmony and regeneration. From the ritualistic stone circles of Nonakado and Oshoro in northern Japan to the placid sculpted basins of the Ryoanji temple in Kyoto, Japanese artisans have long marveled at the splendor of a perfect circle. TORUS drew inspiration from the intricate circular pendants forged by ancient Japanese jewelers, many of which have endured for centuries.

Though minimal in form, TORUS employs groundbreaking technology to achieve its slender proportions. The frame’s internal steel panel is etched to evoke tatara, an ancient Japanese ironworking technique that enabled the earliest blacksmiths to forge elaborate tools and crafts using clay blast ovens. This etching technique serves a practical modern-day purpose as well. As part of the DITA-LAMINATE series, the panel is laminated between two sheets of thin acetate, resulting in strong yet lightweight frames.

Exclusive to the Pacific Modern Collection, celebrating the unique legacy of Asian design and culture.



Custom laser-etched stainless steel internal core encased in laminated acetate

Ultra-thin & lightweight profile

Titanium temples

Dita’s unique hex screw hinges

Lenses 100 % UVA and UVB with anti-reflective coating

Made in Japan

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