About Us

Our Store :

From boutique East Coast outfitters to designers across Japan, Italy, Paris, and Germany, each piece of eyewear we curate is meticulously hand-selected.

Diverse, eclectic, and sophisticated, we are expert stylists dedicated to finding frames that perfectly complement your face shape, size, coloring, personality, taste, and style.

Specializing in custom-made options, we ensure you find the ideal combination that reflects your unique preferences.

Visit us conveniently on Boston’s renowned Newbury Street—swing by and discover your perfect pair or share with us:

What's your Point of U?


The Founders :

Business partners, visionaries, and friends, Fodil Seddiki and Ahmed Khorsi hail from Algiers, North Africa, with roots in France before settling in Boston.

Ahmed's lifelong career in eyeglasses began with managing the eyewear division at Louis Boston, refining his skills in consulting, wholesale buying, and customer service. His journey continued with roles at Tannery and Concepts International, where he excelled as a global eyewear buyer, shaping the brands until their acquisition by Zappos. "As a stylist, I merge perspective with color theory and design to empower people through eyewear," Ahmed explains. "Helping customers find the perfect frames is deeply rewarding; it's about enhancing faces and fostering confidence."

Fodil's creative journey, sparked by his father's publishing career, blossomed in Brussels and Paris, culminating in ventures as a graphic designer across the US, Barcelona, and North Africa. "Travel fuels my creativity," Fodil reflects. "Exploring South America, Asia, and Africa enriches my designs with global influences in architecture, culture, and people."

Their shared vision materialized into Point of U, a concept store marrying functionality with beauty. "We envisioned a space where products seamlessly complement personal style," Fodil shares. "Point of U is about enhancing individuality through harmonious design."

Ahmed and Fodil infuse Point of U with joy and purpose, expanding their concept to encompass diverse products that celebrate personal beauty. "Point of U encapsulates the idea that while we each see the world uniquely, there's room for us to express and share our individuality," Ahmed concludes.