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Polymath // Crystal - Brown - Clear

Polymath // Crystal - Brown - Clear

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Polymath's retro sensibility takes us back to post-war Europe, when the Teddy Boys movement of the early 1950s in England combined fashion and music in a way that would change the world for ever. Polymath's subversive reinvention of a male aesthetic icon symbolizing the appropriation of the dress codes of high Edwardian society by the working classes, harks back to the Teddy Boys movement of the early days. If this style was born in a setting of English towns devastated by war, it reached its iconic status by crossing the ocean to interfere in the wardrobe of young American rock idols.

DITA's innovative manufacturing process paved the way for innovations that go beyond the rectangular shape of Polymaths to achieve the finest details of the frame. Developed using a unique DITA annealing technique, the ultra-light acetate frame gains weight through a process of laminating the internal stainless steel structure, for a finish that is 50% thinner than traditional acetate and at least twice as thin solid. Elaborate details, like a fancy metal core and engraved titanium plates, earn it a place of pride in the modern man's wardrobe.


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