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M9016 - HORN - Brown - White / Clear

M9016 - HORN - Brown - White / Clear

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Horn & Titanium Special Limited Edition(with special woodbox set)

The Matsuda X Needles James Limited Edition sunglasses stand as highly coveted items in the realm of eyewear fashion. Keizo Shimizu, the founder and designer of Needles, seamlessly melds American fashion sensibilities with eyewear expertise to craft this exceptional frame. In collaboration with the esteemed Japanese eyewear brand, Matsuda, they bring to light the Japanese handcrafted Flip Up sunglasses James.

These sunglasses harmoniously blend retro aesthetics, fashioned from top-tier acetate and titanium materials. The RD red brow-bar frame is complemented by translucent blue lenses. Notably, the front ring of the brow bar can be lifted, adding a unique touch. The frame showcases intricate geometric carvings along its edges, while both sides bear the iconic butterfly logo of Needles. This design is a nod to the butterfly tattoo from the iconic 1970s film "Papillon," symbolizing freedom.

The titanium temples are adorned with arabesque engravings, featuring the Needles x Matsuda logo. Delicate water ripple patterns are etched on the bridge, and Matsuda's distinctive "n" metal logo is discreetly embedded on the nose pads. A blend of classic and style!

This limited edition offering comes complete with a Matsuda X Needles black handmade leather storage box, which boasts a refined and soft texture. Both sides of the box feature stamped "Needles" and butterfly bronzing logos, adding a touch of luxury to this unique eyewear experience.


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