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Dita Eyewear

Lineus // Tortoise

Lineus // Tortoise

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Lineus introduces DITA’s most innovative sun clip concept to date, adapting the label’s signature cutout acetate frames to achieve a simple, elegant solution for convertible sun lenses.

Design that finds beauty in purpose

A traditional clip-on lenses require four hooks to securely fasten the clip to the front frame; Lineus features a notch beneath the temple, allowing a sun clip to seamlessly attach to the frame’s exposed titanium core using just two side hooks.

Craftsmanship that celebrates the unseen

Lineus’s temples feature two pieces of acetate, connected by a titanium core; the titanium allows for flexibility and reduces tension at a critical juncture, ensuring comfort while repeating the frame’s signature cutout detail.

Culture that transcends convention

Elegant solutions to technical problems are a hallmark of DITA’s commitment to optical innovation. Lineus reduces mechanical tension through the frame through clever construction, and limits the need for users to touch the clip-on lens with their hands while affixing it to the frame.


Acetate front frame and temples

Acetate cut outs to expose metal details and an innovative clip mounting system

Dita’s unique hex screw hinges

Available in asian fit

Sun clip sold separately

Made in Japan

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